Writing Groups, Workshops, & Internet Sites
My journey to becoming a published author involved learning about the
craft and the industry.  The following sources helped me chart my way.
JANE FRIEDMAN:  Jane Friedman has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy for authors and
publishers. She has been interviewed and featured by NPR, PBS, CBS, The Washington Post, the National Press Club and many other outlets. She offers a
wealth of current writing and publishing information on her site. Sign up for her free newsletter. Also check out her
BLOG for more publishing and writing

ERIC ELFMAN COACHING: I met Eric when he spoke at my writer's club meeting. I was impressed with his straightforward approach and insightful
information. Eric is now helping me tremendously as a coach and editor for the novel I am currently working on.  

The IWWG, founded in 1976, is a network for the personal and professional empowerment o women through writing and open to all regardless of
portfolio.  As such, it has established a remarkable record transformation are valued for their own sake. The Guild nurtures and supports holistic thinking
by recognizing the logic of the heart -- the ability to perceived the subtle interconnections between people, events and emotions- alongside conventional

A premiere annual 10-day workshop and retreat featuring the fabulous WRW Core Staff, visiting authors, agents, and industry professionals.  An intense
week of story structure workshops, 1-1 meetings, lectures, writing exercises, and lifelong memories... all revolving around you, your novel, and your
writing life.

Publishing is a business, and like any business, it can be infiltrated by frauds.  Before you sign with anyone, check them out.  This website is a guide to
publishers and writing services for serious writers.  Some subjects include Agents & Attorneys, Book Publishers, Definitions, Editing & Software, Email,
Promotional, Rating Criteria, Related Sites, Resources for Screenwriters, Signings, Submissions, Warnings, Workshops.

Gone are the days when a rough manuscript makes it to a publishing editor.   To attract a literary agent or publisher, a manuscript must shine and show the
author's best work.  L
ois Winsen offers plot, character and structure critique, line edit, and polishing services on a freelance, project basis.  I found her
easy to work with
on my first and second books and her suggestions and editing most valuable.

This will take you to a good article on how to find an agent in the United States or the United Kingdom.

NONFICTION BOOK PROPOSALS ANYBODY CAN WRITE: How to Get a Contract and Advance Before Writing Your Book:
I religiously used this book by Elizabeth Lyon -- an eye opener as to what an author must know in order to successfully pitch her book.  This link goes to

her web page where you can see all the helpful books she has written.

David Cole was a speaker at one of my California Writers Club meeting and his book is full of  concise, practical information.  I set about creating my own
press release, a tip sheet, a back grounder,  a cover letter, a biographical sheet, media questions, and more.  Later, when my publisher requested some of
the same information, I was ready.  
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